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Semester Course led in English On Point! – Pointed pen calligraphy

Spend time full of relax&learning, where thanks to practical exercises under the supervision of our lecturer,
you will start your adventure with pointed pen calligraphy scripts: copperplate script and modern calligraphy.

All of this in an atmospheric studio located in the center of Warsaw.

Who is the course for?

The course is intended for both beginners and those who have had their first calligraphy experience.

The program includes fourteen two-hours meetings which gives you 28 hours of calligraphy.

How does the class look like?

At the very beginning, you will receive from us all the necessary materials and tools, which will wait for you in the class. In addition, we will provide you all the necessary exercises, templates and inspiration – so that you can train new skills at home.

All classes will be conducted in english by experienced lecturer, Aleksandra Hartman, whose work you can follow on her Instagram account – @ahartcalligraphy.

what will you learn?

  • pointed pen and how to use it,  
  • letter forms of both scripts: copperplate and modern,
  • professional terminology,
  • paper types and characteristics,
  • composition rules,
  • ornamental floratures – perfect way to creative more decorative writing,
  • historical background of the copperplate script and modern calligraphy.

what about after the course?

We understand that learning is a process that takes time, commitment and a supportive environment. 

Therefore, after the first class, we will invite you to a special, closed group on Facebook for the graduates of our workshops, so that in the company of other students and teachers, you can:

  • ask about everything,
  • freely share your progress,
  • receive suggestions and corrections from teachers.

Who’s your lecturer?

Aleksandra Hartman (@ahartcalligraphy)

class schedule 2020/2021

Grupa środowa:

October: 5, 12, 19, 26

November: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

December: 7, 14

January: 4, 11, 18.


950 zł / semester

psst ask for student discount

We offer easy 4 instalment payment plan if you prefer.
for more details, drop an email to: studio@niceletter.pl

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